By: Heather Craig, LPC-Intern

We have waited all summer for this! Back to school, back to the routine, new teachers, maybe new school, new friends, new experiences. Transition times are hard for families. As the season changes we feel more rushed, more hurried, more committed. We thrive in a schedule, yet it confines us in some way.

Life is full of choices. We are free to say yes and free to say no. Here are some simple guidelines to help you as you make decisions about your new season.

1) Is what you are spending most of your time and energy in line with your family values and goals?

2) Are you taking time to tend to your families emotional, physical, and  spiritual well being?

3) Is connecting with the people you love possible at your current pace?

A few practical tips to get you prepared for the transition ;

* Spend a week operating on the new scheduled times to get your body adjusted.

* Have a family meeting to discuss everyone’s expectations, needs, and priorities in the upcoming season.  

* Write our the schedule visibly so you can see it all at once as well as prioritize, delegate, and make cuts if needed.

Perhaps your family has faced some particularly difficult changes in the last season and are having difficulty adjusting such as loss of a loved one, a medical  condition, addiction, or divorce. If you find yourself or a loved one overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed seek help. May you find joy in the season ahead.