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What do you do when a loved one has been diagnosed with ADHD? Living with ADHD can be challenging, whether you are struggling with the disorder yourself or helping a child work through its unique difficulties.

Medication can help with ADHD but is ultimately insufficient by itself to change underlying thought patterns and behaviors. While symptoms may return the moment a person stops taking medication, the benefits of therapy last for a lifetime.

Behavioral therapy has been shown to help with ADHD and can result in lifelong benefits for you and the people you interact with on a daily basis.

ADHD Assessments

If you’re not sure if your child or a loved one has ADHD, we provide assessments to help. You can schedule an ADHD assessment 2-3 weeks in advance at our Arlington, but also available virtually via Distance Counseling to anyone in Texas.

In most situations, we schedule one or two appointments for testing and a follow-up appointment to review the results. The assessment can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on type. We can provide you with a copy or contact your current doctor concerning the results.

How to Know if Your Child Has ADHD

Ultimately, each child needs to be diagnosed by a professional, but a combination of a few or more of the following persistent symptoms may be a sign that your child has ADHD:

  • Difficulty paying attention
  • Inability to sit still for long periods of time
  • Extremely hyper behavior
  • Difficulty managing time
  • Constant boredom or need for stimulation
  • Procrastination
  • Carelessness

Why ADHD Therapy?

From Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

ADHD Therapy:

  • Has been shown to be as effective as medication for treating ADHD in young children
  • Avoids risk of potential side effects that ADHD medication can cause
  • Provides parents with needed skills and methods to help their children

ADHD Counseling for Children

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends behavior therapy in conjunction with medicine for children 6 years and older who have been diagnosed with ADHD. For younger children, counseling is the best approach before trying medicine.

Children require a special approach to ADHD counseling that helps provide structure to their world, rewarding positive behaviors and discouraging negative ones. We carefully control the counseling environment to minimize distraction and give parents the tools they need to continue their children’s progress in the home environment. We also help children cultivate the mental tools they need to follow directions and focus in the classroom. You can incentivize good behavior with some kind of rewards system at home.

After a certain time period of successful therapy, many parents are even able to lower their children’s ADHD medication dosage.

ADHD Training for Parents

We provide training for parents to help you guide your children to make constructive choices and manage their behavior appropriately.

Behavior training for parents includes learning how to minimize distractions, simplify choices, increase clarity of communication, discipline appropriately and encourage a healthy lifestyle in your children.

This training is vital not only for the wellbeing of your child but your entire family. A child’s disruptive behaviors impact everyone around him or her. We acknowledge these difficulties and want to help the entire family unit thrive.

ADHD Counseling for Adults

We also offer counseling and training for adults to help them manage their ADHD. Although people are not as aware of ADHD affecting adults, as many as ⅓ of children diagnosed with ADHD carry the disorder into adulthood.

Adults with ADHD face their own special challenges. For example, adults with ADHD are at higher risk for depression and anxiety. Our therapy for adults, therefore, centers not only on organizational skills that can help with work and career but also cultivating positive thought and behavioral patterns to prevent depression and anxiety.

Where is ADHD Counseling Available?

We are located in Arlington, TX, but also available virtually via Distance Counseling to anyone in Texas.

Give us a call today at 817-723-1210 for your free 15-minute phone consultation, and we will confidentially discuss your needs and desired approach to ADHD therapy.


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