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Adolescence can be a turbulent time with many changes occurring on both the inside and the outside.

So many things seem to be out of a teen’s control, including social interactions, family dysfunction and body image issues. Many resort to destructive thoughts and behaviors to try to regain a feeling of control. This is often a time of testing limits and boundaries that have been set for them and defining sets of values.

We empower your teen to identify and uproot destructive thought patterns and habits so they gain confidence in their own ability to solve problems. They learn to regulate their emotions and take responsibility for themselves.

Many issues teens face that we have experience providing counseling for are:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Substance Abuse
  • Unplanned Pregnancy
  • Body Image
  • Eating Disorders
  • Self-Harm
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Divorce
  • Grief
  • Sudden drop in school or extracurricular interest
  • Anger toward authority figures
  • And more

Just For Teens

We tailor our counseling for teens and adolescents. We understand that they feel in-between childhood and adulthood and counsel them in a way that matches their life stage.

Adolescence is a pivotal time in which a person discovers and decides a lot about who they are. Our goal is to guide them to make healthy choices and habits that will guide them through this turbulent season and into a happy, productive adulthood.

Teens often feel estranged from adults in their life, including parents and teachers. We provide a safe space in which they are free to express themselves. We cultivate trust through talk therapy and guided activities.

What to Expect

Your teen will likely have many fears and reservations when you bring them to counseling for the first time. They will be afraid that we will tell you everything they say. They may not be sure if they can trust us.

It is vital that you allow us to protect the therapist relationship with them. We know you are concerned and care deeply for your teen, so we will discuss ahead of time how best to give you “progress reports” without violating your teen’s trust. We may ask you to make some adjustments in home life in order to cooperate with and not hinder the therapy.

As they are forging their adult identity, teens have to feel respected and trusted in the way we interact with them. Our goal is not to tell them what they need to change; our goal is to help them get to the bottom of whatever is holding them back and empower them to make wise choices and healthy decisions going forward.

Approaching Your Teen About Therapy

Sometimes, especially if your relationship with your teen is currently strained or damaged, they may be very defensive about the idea of therapy.

Approach them in a loving way, letting them know you want the best for them and expressing your genuine concern. Let them know the incredible potential you see. If they aren’t too keen on the idea, consider asking that they at least try a session or two to see what they think. Our experience is that usually once they realize we aren’t here to “rat them out” to their parents or tell them what to do, they are happy to have a confidante they can trust.

They may also be more open to the idea of teen group therapy or if you as the parent are willing to seek counseling alongside your teen.

Teen Girls Group Therapy

Sometimes your teen would benefit especially from going through counseling with a group of peers. Our teen girls group therapy can provide a safe environment in which girls work through common issues together. The group can also improve your teen’s sense of community and social skills.

Parenting Therapy

You as the parent may also desire therapy — either to help you guide your teen in a way that is helpful and not frustrating for them or to help you navigate some of the same stressful life circumstances they are experiencing.

For example, when there is divorce or grief in the family, you and your teen may be experiencing and processing the same event in totally different ways. Your diverging reactions can cause a gulf between you and your teen that therapy can heal.

Because we know each member of the family has different needs and processes trauma differently, we offer family and parenting therapy as well. We care about the entire family unit and desire to see it thrive.

Where We Offer Teen Therapy

Our counselors have vast experience working with teens and their unique perspectives and issues. You can schedule a teen therapy session in Arlington, TX, but also available virtually via Distance Counseling to anyone in Texas. Please note some schools will also allow your teen to do their Distance counseling during school hours from an office on school premises.

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