Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

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We hear the phrase a lot, “season of life”. It can be used to describe really good times or bad times. Often times I try to stay away from cliché phrases but I really like this one. It is an accurate description of the way you can experience life. There are ebbs and flows and there is not permanence in seasons. Some seasons are more pleasant than others. For example, spring and fall are usually much more pleasant than summer or winter. Seasons can also tend to feel like they are going to last forever or never change. After a streak of 100-degree days we are usually ready for some cooler weather that seems to never come. And often times, seasons have teaser days where a cold front can blow in for a day and then the next day it is back to 100. All of these descriptors of seasons can be translated to seasons of our lives. Sometimes, we have very pleasant seasons of life and then it changes. Or we are experiencing a difficult season of life and it is seemingly never going to end.

Here are some helpful tips for walking through each season of life.

• Self care We always have a need for self care. But in particularly hard seasons, extra self care may be needed. For example, in the summer seasons we need to drink more water and in the winter we need to wear coats. In difficult seasons of life, figure out what healthy steps you can take to make yourself more comfortable.

• Stop comparing Different people experience different seasons at different times. I would encourage you not to compare your journey to your friend’s or loved one’s journey. The beauty of experiencing different seasons at different times is being able to support each other along the way.

• Accept the hard days Remember it is just a season, it is not permanent. You may experience a string of difficult days/weeks/months but hold on to hope that the season will change and more pleasant days are ahead.

• Look for joy even in the hard times There is something good in every day. Look for the positives that are happening around you. They will give you the energy to keep moving forward in your journey. Cultivate a habit of gratitude no matter what season of life you are in.

These are just a few tips in experiencing different seasons of life. Sometimes, more extensive help is needed. If so, our counselors would love to help you navigate this time in your life.

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