Christian counseling or more specifically Biblical counseling is dependent on the word of God.
Scripture and prayer are integrated into the counseling process. A Biblical counselor is aware that he/she is a tool, and is consistently seeking God and his word throughout the process. Biblical counselors seek to view things through the lens of scripture. A Christian therapist integrates their faith in Christ in each type of therapy.
If you are not a Christian our therapists will not impose their religious views on you. Each therapist is trained to accommodate a variety of belief systems, and how to see issues objectively without their own beliefs being imposed.
“Progress, of the best kind, is comparatively slow. Great results cannot be achieved at once; and we must be satisfied to advance in life as we walk, step by step.”

– Samuel Smiles

During therapy most couples work on things like improving communication, resolving conflicts and building intimacy.
We understand that counseling, especially couples therapy, may not be something you’re excited about. Many people fear being blamed if they attend couples therapy. However, that is not the case. The goal is to work together to talk about issues in a constructive manner. Our goal is to help couples feel as comfortable as possible during the therapy process. During therapy most couples work on things like improving communication, resolving conflicts and building intimacy.

Many couples feel they experience the same problems over and over, often it feels as though nothing is resolved. Great relationships take work, if you are willing to work together as a couple you can strengthen your relationship, through learning to resolve conflict and communicate in a constructive manner. Be careful not to expect the first few visits to produce results. In many cases things may be revealed that you previously didn’t fully understand about each other or even about yourself. True progress takes time, but a great marriage is worth the effort!

Premarital counseling is often an enjoyable process for the couple. Premarital counseling is a great way to build a strong foundation before marriage. It is designed to help the couple understand their own history, as well as each others history, and ways that may impact the marriage. The process helps reveal expectations each partner may be bringing into the marriage. Premarital counseling is meant to increase communication and your ability to resolve conflicts in a positive manner. Many areas are typically covered in premarital counseling including finances, intimacy, and roles within the marriage. PREPARE/ENRICH is an assessment tool that is often used in the premarital counseling process. It is used to help identify strengths within the relationship as well as areas of potential growth.
More than half of all couples report some sort of issue with their sex life. Sexual intimacy is one of the most important aspects of your relationship, and it is much too important to be ignored. There are many reasons you may choose to see someone who has experience as a sex therapist. The most important reason being that your sex therapist will be able to address issues using specific sex therapy techniques, combined with exercises and interventions designed specifically for sexual issues. Your sex therapist will not only address sexual issues, but any other issues involved that may be impacting your sexual intimacy.
Although we schedule appointments at least 48 hours in advance, we do offer emergency sessions. We understand there are times you are facing an urgent concern and would benefit from a session as soon as possible. We have counselors available most days of the week for these emergency situations. The rate of an emergency session is $169 for an LPC and $100 for an intern or associate. If you call for an emergency session outside of business hours we will get back with you as soon as possible.

Please remember that if the need is immediate or life threatening you should call 911.

Intensive counseling sessions are 3+ hours sessions designed for those who are motivated to find resolution. These sessions create an accelerated counseling experience, that expedites healing and growth. We offer intensive counseling sessions on various days and times. Session length is anywhere from 3-6 hours, and available in a single day, up to a full week. Breaks are provided after every hour and a half. Prices are determined based on the session length and counselor.
Online therapy or Telephone counseling is often a benefit for those who may find it difficult to attend regular appointments in person, prefer the comfort of their own home or office, or find comfort in the anonymity of the phone.
We can speak by phone, or use Skype or FaceTime. Please be sure to test your preferred form of contact prior to each session. Choose a place that has privacy, strong Internet connection or phone signal, and is comfortable and quiet. It is often beneficial to schedule periodic appointments in person as well. Most people benefit from telephone/online counseling, however some risks do exist. Non-verbal cues, and eye contact, are likely to be missed. There are also risks of privacy of a breech of privacy. Signature pages can be downloaded from our website, and must be signed prior to your first session. These sessions must be paid for prior to your scheduled appointment. You will be responsible for contacting your counselor at your scheduled appointment time.