Why I Don’t Believe in the Golden Rule

By: Meredith Ivey LPC-S, RPT-S   Photo courtesy of Andrew Malone, Creative Commons   “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.” (Golden Rule) Now, don’t get me wrong, I do like the intent behind the Golden Rule.  If you don’t want others to yell at you or hit you, don’t yell at them or hit...[ read more ]

What the Pregnancy Apps Don’t Talk About

Photo Courtesy of, Creative Commons By: Rebeca Meyer LPC-Intern Supervised by Beth Ann Contreras, MMFT, LMFT-S, LPC-S. Pregnancy is a time to enjoy the beautiful miracle of creation taking place within a woman. It is truly remarkable to wake up every morning to this living being inside me, kicking me so that he can get his breakfast. I am stilled...[ read more ]

Let’s Talk Sex: 5 Pointers to Turn Sex Back Into Sensual, Fulfilling Lovemaking

By: Julie Weaver, MA, LPC How is your sex life going these days? How would you say your spouse would respond to that same question? Let’s talk about it……. Do you remember when you were first together intimately? Back then, was it exciting, sensual and fulfilling? Chances are it was all those things and more. The relationship became new and different when...[ read more ]

Let’s Talk Sex: Foreplay in the 5 Senses

By: Julie Weaver, MA, LPC Have you talked about sex with your spouse in the last year? How about in the last 5 years? How about foreplay specifically? Is this the elephant in the room for you? How much have you talked with your therapist about these topics? I imagine not at all. Is there a need? Often times there...[ read more ]

Let’s Talk Sex: Obligations vs Initiation

By: Julie Weaver, MA, LPC We are well aware that sex is something that not all couples talk about and for some, initiation is another one of those sort of taboo discussions, is seems. Is initiation everything? No, but it is nice and makes us feel wanted, right? The feeling of obligation is another topic that not many want to voice out loud to their...[ read more ]

Setting Logical Rules, Consequences and Rewards

By: Madelyn Murray LPC-Intern Supervised byMeredith Ivey LPC-S, RPT-S Setting up rules for a child already struggling with authority figures can be really difficult. What can be even more difficult is giving your child a consequence when a rule is not followed. Often times, implementing a consequence leads to even MORE of a meltdown. Here are a few simple tips for keeping...[ read more ]

5 Things Therapists Want Their Clients to Understand

1. We care about our clients. Each and every one of you. There are ethical boundaries (which are there for good reasons) that prevent us from showing you we care in the same way your friends might, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care. We don’t exchange gifts, emails, or texts. We can’t go up and hug you if we...[ read more ]

Donuts: A Lesson in What You Already Have

One of my very favorite things I learned during my counseling training came from my Filial Therapy class. Dr. Gary Landreth created “Rules of Thumb” for parents when beginning filial therapy. This first “Rule of Thumb” is to focus on the donut not the hole.  Simply put, don’t focus so much on what’s missing from your child that you forget to see what...[ read more ]

Feeling Sad? Change the Lightbulbs

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA One of my best friends in college switched all her college-issued 60-watt bulbs to environmentally friendly, 100 watt bulbs, bought more lamps and kept her blinds open all day. Puzzled, my friends and I noticed other changes too; she joined a few clubs off campus, made time for enjoyable activities and made a few other distinct changes in her...[ read more ]

Helping Your Child Build Self-Esteem in 6 Easy Steps

  Photo Courtesy of Ryan Hyde Creative Commons It is extremely valuable for your child to develop a healthy self-esteem. Here are 6 steps to helping your child build self-esteem. Help them be proud of themselves If you are constantly seeking to be affirmed by others, you will be let down and discouraged.  Help your child find their self-worth from...[ read more ]

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