Reward Your Child In Their Language

By: Meredith Ivey, LPC-S, RPT-S t’s a good idea to offer your children rewards. Not just for doing their chores or for good grades, but randomly offering a reward when you catch them doing something you appreciate. As parents we give consequences when we catch children misbehaving, yet often fail to offer rewards in the same way. These rewards do...[ read more ]

Overuse of Technology

By: Ashley Harmonson, LPC-Intern Supervised By: Meredith Ivey LPC-S, RPT-S As I read the articles listed below, I am reminded of times when I use the iPAD and TV with my children in order to get a moment to myself. I have also seen the “too much technology monster” come out in my three year old. Although I am in...[ read more ]

Better In-Law Relationships

By: Julie Weaver, LPC We all need some tips and reminders that could help us journey through our in law relationships. I know I do! Here are some ideas: Show Gratitude     • Through your words Think of something in advance that you appreciate about them and remember to tell them when you meet with them or even when...[ read more ]

Play Therapy

By: Ashley Harmonson, LPC-Intern Supervised by: Meredith Ivey LPC-S, RPT-S “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play, than in a year of conversation.” – Plato Joining a child’s imaginary world is fascinating. One night when putting my two year old to bed, she introduced me to Trexta. My daughter told me that Trexta, who was...[ read more ]

In-Laws & Holidays

By: Julie Weaver, LPC Now that summer vacations are over and kids are back in school, fall is beginning, we start to think, ”When is the next vacation?” OK, so maybe that’s just me. Then I have the thought that Holidays will be just around the corner before we know it. Well, this often brings us to the in-law thoughts. Maybe that’s...[ read more ]

Marriage Lesson From a Potato

Over the years I’ve counseled several couples, and sometimes even individuals who want to work on their marriage.  One of the things I seem to hear over and over again is women thinking their husbands aren’t trying hard enough.  Maybe they don’t do enough for the kids, or aren’t helping around the house as much as you’d like.  Often it’s...[ read more ]

Tips When Coping with Grief

By: Courtney Johnson, LPC Photo Courtesy of Pixabay, Creative Commons As a counselor, we see clients for a variety of reasons. Some come in for depression, others for divorce, and others come in just in hopes to better themselves. Every topic brings unique challenges, but one of my favorite topics to counsel is grief. I enjoy counseling grief because grief...[ read more ]

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

Created by Compassion Counseling We hear the phrase a lot, “season of life”. It can be used to describe really good times or bad times. Often times I try to stay away from cliché phrases but I really like this one. It is an accurate description of the way you can experience life. There are ebbs and flows and there...[ read more ]

A Lesson From Pre-Schoolers on How to Argue

By:Meredith Ivey LPC-S, RPT-S Isn’t it neat how the simplicity of childhood can teach you things? I was working in the church nursery one day when I heard two 4 year old girls arguing. Let’s call them Sarah and Allison. Sarah was adamant that she and Allison attended the same school, while Allison was sure that they did not. I...[ read more ]

Family-Friendly Summer Fun

By: Courtney Johnson, LPC Photo Courtesy of Ally_Costanzo, Creative Commons School is out for the Summer! While that means slower schedules and longer days, it also means avoiding the phrase “I’m so bored! There’s nothing to do here!”. Here are some ideas for fun, inexpensive summer activities that will keep your children entertained throughout the summer months. 1. At the beginning...[ read more ]

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