Back to School Blues

Back to School Blues

By: Heather Craig, LPC-Intern We have waited all summer for this! Back to school, back to the routine, new teachers, maybe new school, new friends, new experiences. Transition times are hard for families. As the season changes we feel more rushed, more hurried, more committed. We thrive in a schedule, yet it confines us in some way. Life is full...[ read more ]

What is Child Parent Relationship Therapy?

What is CPRT? CPRT stands for Child Parent Relationship Therapy. In this class, you as a parent will learn valuable skills used by the play therapist in order to build a better relationship with your child. Through the understanding of how to conduct a mini play session with your child at home, you will be able to assist your child...[ read more ]

Tips for Clients in Therapy

By: Linda “Mickey” Jensen, Practicum Counselor Are you new to therapy or would you like to improve your role in the therapeutic process? Check out these helpful tips to learn a bit more about the therapeutic process. Get the most out of your session time…a therapy hour is actually 45 minutes, so plan to be early and make the most...[ read more ]

Foster Care/Adoption

By: Katrina Land, Practicum Counselor In the last year, I have begun working with children in foster care, along with the wonderful individuals who have chosen to give of their time, talents, and treasures to care for these wonderful–though perhaps challenging–children. The work of taking care of a child is challenging enough for a mother who has spent 9 months...[ read more ]

The I-haves: Immunization against the I-wants

By: Sonja Jackson, LPC I don’t think that it is just a coincidence that we celebrate Thanksgiving before Christmas. God knew what He was doing. During this time of year, we are bombarded with ad after ad telling us what new electronic gadget or piece of clothing we NEED. And not only that, we can get it at a great...[ read more ]

Parenting Your Adult Child

Launch set in motion by pushing it or allowing it to go; to send on it course This is the end goal of all parenting. One day that baby you brought home from the hospital who was totally dependent on you for everything, will be an adult. An adult who will take on the responsibility and privilege of making decisions...[ read more ]

Autism Spectrum Disorder & Relationships

                                                                                            Credit: Leszek Glasner/Shutterstock By: Heather Craig LPC-Intern Autism Spectrum Disorder & Relationships Individuals on...[ read more ]

Marriage and Money

  This blog is a collaboration of one of our Compassion counselors, Madelyn Murray, and her husband, Christopher Murray. Money has always terrified me. There never seems to be enough of it…or at least it feels that way. Money certainly has a way of making you think about something’s value. There you have it. Two different thoughts when the word...[ read more ]

Smoothing Out the Transition

Staring back to school can be difficult for children. Often the start of a new school year brings anxiety, stress, or a decrease in confidence. Each school year brings about a variety of changes: a new teacher, new schedule, new subjects, new kids in the classroom, maybe even a new school. Think about how you might feel if you were...[ read more ]

5 Self-Care Tips for a More Peaceful Existence

By: Amelia Worthen LPC-Intern Supervised by Meredith Ivey LPC-S, RPT-S Is your life like a never-ending Bangles song?  One Manic Monday after another with no end in sight?  Then this post is for you.  Stress and poor work/home life balance can cause a lot more harm than just a tension headache, sore muscles, or relationship problems. High stress is linked to heart trouble,...[ read more ]

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