Donuts: A Lesson in What You Already Have

Donuts: A Lesson in What You Already Have

One of my very favorite things I learned during my counseling training came from my Filial Therapy class. Dr. Gary Landreth created “Rules of Thumb” for parents when beginning filial therapy. This first “Rule of Thumb” is to focus on the donut not the hole.  Simply put, don’t focus so much on what’s missing from your child that you forget to see what...[ read more ]

Feeling Sad? Change the Lightbulbs

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA One of my best friends in college switched all her college-issued 60-watt bulbs to environmentally friendly, 100 watt bulbs, bought more lamps and kept her blinds open all day. Puzzled, my friends and I noticed other changes too; she joined a few clubs off campus, made time for enjoyable activities and made a few other distinct changes in her...[ read more ]

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