Therapy Facts

Therapy Facts

A trusting  and therapeutic relationship with your therapist is crucial for the counseling process.

Therapy is a collaborative process between the counselor and client. In order for counseling to be effective, the client needs to feel safe and able to trust the counselor despite at times painful subject matter.

Confidentiality is important to the counseling process.  The law protects the relationship between a client and counselor and information cannot be disclosed to outside parties without written permission.

We work with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues and personalize the therapy according to individual needs.

Remember that investing in your personal and emotional health is always a good idea.

Mental or emotional problems hurt your productivity, decrease your energy and stifle your creativity. All of these are critical to keeping your job or saving your relationships in these tough times.

The counseling process is not exclusive for people experiencing extreme pain.

In fact, clients who attend counseling for longer periods of time are achievers and prolific citizens who strongly rely on the value of counseling and how it can motivate you to develop and strengthen yourself.

It is but part of the human life cycle to come across hardships as well as tranquility.

We believe that everyone has a time in their life where they can benefit from counseling services.

Therapy is not intended primarily for individuals who suffer from severe mental problems.

Though these individuals can benefit from seeing a counselor, they are by no means the only ones. Individuals who are high-functioning and relatively well-adjusted often attend counseling better understand themselves and escape the various unwanted habits. In reality, there are few individuals who could not benefit from  counseling and gaining a better understanding of their own mind and personality. Many individuals with fairly subtle issues use counseling to improve intimate relationships and quality of life, as well as to meet personal goals.

The responsibility for true personal change and growth lies primarily with the client.

The therapist’s primary role is to facilitate the client’s intimate examination of himself. The client and therapist work closely to understand how certain personality  traits were developed, and learn to change or adjust those patterns.  In order for counseling to produce lasting growth it is necessary to cooperate with the therapist and be dedicated to change.

It is not easy to prove the progress and results of counseling, however there is empirical research that supports the efficacy of counseling.

Mental health professionals have documented many cases where emotional distress, medical issues and the quality of life were resolved through the counseling process.  The best way for a client to evaluate the effectiveness of therapy is to try a few sessions and decide for yourself.

For most people seeking counseling the process will last a few months to one or two years.

In long term therapy the approach is less structured and the goal is to dig deep into feelings and behaviors.  Short-term therapy can last as few as 6 weeks but is more appropriate for specific issues such as a recent career change or location change, or giving up a bad habit.

The most common treatment is once a week for 45 minutes.  This does vary based on the client and needs. Therapy can be twice a week or twice a month, usually more frequent at the beginning of therapy.

Contrary to many beliefs counseling includes hard work. Anyone who is able and willing to examine himself honestly and openly in the context of therapy will likely begin to see benefits of counseling very early in the treatment process.



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